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Houston, Texas

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Located on approx. 5 acres, we have all your needs taken care of. Over 110,000 Sq. Feet of 6" concreted parking and hard storage fully security fenced.  Our 11,250 Sq. Foot Main Building includes 2500 Sq. Feet of Office Space (2 story) and 8,750 Sq. Feet of fully heated & air conditioned insulated shop area.  There are two - 5 ton cranes located in this area.  We have 4 - Bay covered parking area attached to offices.  There is also an additional 270 Sq. Foot Shop Office & Storage on the south end.
In the back, there is an 18,000 Sq. Foot Shop with 36' side walls.  It includes Two - 10 ton cranes and Two - 20 ton cranes.  This building is large enough to handle virtually any size project.  Two Story Shop Offices for this shop have been built for project managers.  

We also have 2 Storage Warehouses - 8,000 Sq. Foot Warehouse on right with 1,000 Sq. Feet of additional storage in an upper deck and 1,000 Sq. Foot Warehouse on left.  Offices for this shop have been added for our purchasing department.


Phone:  281-456-8600
Fax:  281-456-8690
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